Top Memories About The Women's Friendship Tour Participants

… from our Fellow Women's Friendship Tour Participants



Peggy Hess

  • “Ladies LISTEN! STAY!
  • Imagine, Imagine, Imagine!
  • What's your number!!??

Jan Bass

  • Late nights talking
  • Sake queen
  • great roommate

Donna Wieting

  • Cool and a duck!

  • My aquarium buddy

  • Wonderful laugh

Dana Sheets

  • Camera consultant and saviour
  • Great focused kata
  • Song writing wizard

Heather Lipin

  • Matching bull’s eye bruises
  • Shinjo's Queen of Awamori, 2004
  • Great translating

Denise Laiosa

  • Bringing Gatorade for the test candidates
  • Nurturing of everyone
  • How do you work those phones?

Donna Emschweiler

  • Tour beauty consultant
  • Shopping diva
  • Always willing to help out

Maria Torosian

  • Song, “How do you solve a problem like Maria”
  • Kicked one too many times, but still smiling! 
  • Laid back and fun loving

Renee Le Blanc

  • You did it, Shodan!

  • Webmaster extraordinaire

  • Kind and gentle spirit

Marian Bushey

  • Starbucks Mocha Latte..mmmm!"
  • Best dressed for sightseeing

Teresa McClary

  • Great focus and dedication

  • Bravery on stage alone
  • Quiet, yet strong

Kathy Keith

  • Always add “…in your gi.”
  • Queen of lost or misplaced items- visa, belt, sunglasses, etc
  • Sooo much fun!!!

Loretta Bryant

  • “Too late!” comment
  • Great roomie
  • Awesome bo kata!  

Rochelle Young

  • Sanchin gami jars at Takamiyagi’s
  • Comfortable wearing a towel…on her head
  • "I love that man!'

Kim Vogt

  • Snack savior
  • Great massages
  • Terrific First Aid advice

Jackie Olsen

  • One tough cookie!
  • Great roommate
  • Determination plus

Mary Ann Benedict

  • Gone too soon
  • Sharing time at Miyagi dojo

Sue Ling Rekas

  • Aversion to clothing

  • Phone card savior

  • Youngest party girl on the trip

Karen Beck

  • Rhode Island Party girl

  • Stepping up to the sparring plate

  • Shodan!

Karen Yuro

  • Tears of joy!

  • Shodan!

  • Determined


Tonia Lagasse

  • Domestic goddess
  • Always smiling…even when not allowed
  • Wipe that smile off your face, Lagasse!

Karen Thomas

  • Independent woman with camcorder!
  • Nobody to party with???…no problem

Bärbel Döllinger

  • Money manager
  • Thanks for showing us the ropes
  • Wonderful patience

Carola Lehmann

  • Harley Woman! 

  • Great abs! 

  • Welcoming at airport

Moni Biburger

  • “Puush the red button.”
  • “Would you like to see me naked?”
  • German party animal

Kim Baril

  • Dancing diva
  • It's all in Sanchin songwriter
  • How much did you really pack?

Susan Dunnigan

  • Gift giving Canuck
  • Small body, powerful kiai
  • Ladies, we are aging...hold em up!

Steve Banchick

  • Daring to drive
  • Organization plus
  • Didn't you read your email???

Jack Summers

  • Reassuring mentor
  • One on one support
  • He's the man!




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