The symbolism of the Friendship Tour 2004 Logo

The Friendship Tour 2004 Logo is a composite of many ideas standing for unification and friendship within the Uechi- ryu organizations practicing today in the United States, Okinawa and all over the world.

The color red at the center of the logo represent happiness and good fortune which is what we hope the Friendship Tour 2004 will bring to everyone involved.

The Dove has always been a symbol of peace and unity and was placed directly in the center because at the center of this friendship tour is the idea of unity among all the stylists represented in our group.

The three circles represent the three existing conflicts of mind, body and spirit. Also the number "3" is ever present within our system and is often seen in our kata names such as Sanchin, Seisan, Sanseirui. Many kata technique combinations are also in threes such as tettsui, bushiken, nukite and hiji tsuki, uraken, choken or the three waukes in Sanchin and Kanshiwa; the three bushikens in Seisan; three nukites in Kanchu, and the three shokens in Seisan, Kanchin and Sanseirui.

The main support or the binding focus is the octagon. The octagon renders a squareness which further symbolizes strength by the unity and dependency each side has to the other.  Further, the eight sides of the outer Octagon represent the 8 katas of Pangainoon - Shohei - Uechiryu, which are Sanchin, Kanshiwa, Kanshu, Seichin, Seisan, Seirui, Kanchin and Sanseirui. It is made up of eight 45° angles. This particular angle and it's combinations such as 90°, 180°, 225°, are constantly present and used in the stances, techniques, and movements within all the katas.

Within the strength of the octagon are concentric circles.  This circularity represents togetherness, softness, flow and harmony, all elements found in our katas. These are also elements which have helped to preserve the spirit of Uechi karate over the years.

Finally the true essence of all martial arts is the "Do" ( the way) and so Karate Do was placed at the very top of the logo covering all the existing Uechi-ryu organizations which are represented within the circle.


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