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Bärbel started October 1995 in Dojo Erlangen under Joachim Röttinger, Okikukai Association. She was very impressed, as she found that karate gave her so much in the area of personal development. She particularly appreciated the warm friendship that developed among everyone. From 1998 to 2001 Bärbel learned parallel to Erlangen under Michael Pophal, a student of Joachim Röttinger in Nürnberg. After a visit of the United States (Mr. Thompson´s dojo and the dojo of Peggy Hess ) she became very interested in the study of weapons (kobudo). In 1998 Bärbel began studying Kobudo under Karl-Heinz Stief. Bärbel has studied the traditional weapons of Bo, Sai, and Boken. Since the end of 1999, as a result of moving to Munich related to work, Bärbel started studying under Alexander Renninger, Dojo Munich, who is associated with James Thompson's Kokusai Organization. But she has also kept in contact with her former teachers and every time she returns to her former city, she is happy to join the workout, and reunite with her old friends from the dojos.


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Personal Information  

Current Occupation or Profession
Marital Status
Hobbies, special interests or skills
motorcycling, cooking, reading, cinema

Karate Information

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Total years of study

Current style

Shohei Ryu 4

Current Dojo

Dojo Munic

Dojo location

Munic, Germany

Current Instructor

Alexander Renninger

Association affiliation

Okikukai/Shohei Ryu, Independent: Mr. Thompson, Kalamazoo Kosusai Org    

a. June 1996: Summer Camp with Jack Summers, Peggy Hess , John P. Dowd, Bad Kissingen 
b. Aug. 1996: Uechi-Ryu Summer Camp with James Thompson, Igor Prasnikar, Stane Nadizar and Drago Ristic, Pokljuka 
c. Oct 199: Camp with Igor Prasnikar, Erlangen 
d. June 1998: Summer Camp with Tsutomo Nakahodo, James Thompson, Hirokuni Yamashiro, Peggy Hess , Erlangen 
e. Sept. 1998: Weekend Camp with Ticky Donovan 
f. Oct. 1998: Weekend Camp with Igor Prasnikar, Erlangen 
g. April 1999: T’ai chi ch’uan weekend with Bob Bacher, Nürnberg h. May 1999: Basic Principles of Karate with Georg Metanomski, Nürnberg 
i. Jan. 2000: Kobudo weekend with Wim van de Leur, Freising 
j. July 1999: Wado Weekend with Josef Schäfer, Karl-Heinz-Stief, Nürnberg 
k. Aug. 1999: Koshukai Camp with Kiyohide Shinjo, Narahiro Shinjo, Alan Dollar, Bad Kissingen 
l. Aug. 1999: Summer Camp with George Mattson, Bill P. Glasheen and Bruce Hirabayashi, Regensburg 
m. June 2000: Uechi-Ryu Summer Camp with James Thompson, Peggy Hess and Brian Diamond, Erlangen 
n. July 2000: Wado Weekend with Yoshio Himi, Josef Schäfer, Karl-Heinz-Stief, Nürnberg 
o. Sept. 2000: Camp with Takamiyagi Shigeru, Higa Toshio, Higa Katsuyosi, Yamashiro Hirokuni, Machida Soukou, Kohatsu Shin, Nashiro Seiken, Bad Kissingen 
p. June 2001: Summer Camp with James Thompson, Jack Summers, 
q. Bad Kissingen 
r. Feb. 2002: Uechi-Ryu/Shohei-Ryu Karate Seminar with Igor Prasnikar, 
s. Stane Nadizar, Branko Malesic, München 
t. May 2002: Uechi-Ryu/Shohei-ryu Karate Seminar with James Thompson, Brian Diamond, Peggy Hess , Erlangen 
u. Sept. 2002: Asai-Shotokan Weekend Camp 
v. Nov. 2002: Uechi-Ryu/Shohei Ryu Karate Seminar with Igor Prasnikar 
w. Stane Nadizar, Branko Malesic, München

Other Martial Arts or weapons Studies

2 Years of Ryu Kyu Kobujutsu under Karl Heinz Stief Wado-Ryu, Germany

 Karate Promotions 


Certificate Number

Date of Issue

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Educational Background  

College/University Freidrich-Alexander-Universitat Erlangen Nurnberg, Germany
College Degree(s) Dipl.-Ing. Machinenbau (mechanical engineering)



At what age did you begin to study karate?

Why did you choose to study karate?
I was looking for a varied sport, which is not one-sided and makes fun.

Was there a reason why you chose to study Uechi Ryu?
A friend of mine studied Uechi Ryu, so I started with Uechi Ryu.

What does this tour to Okinawa mean to you?
I want to see where the roots of my karate style are. I would like to see how the Okinawans study and if it is possible, how they live. I would like to see how their culture is. And of course I would like to join the workout as often as possible.

How has your martial arts study affected or changed your life?
My self-confidence and discipline has increased. I was able to develop a better body feeling; my mental and physical power has improved. I learned to work with a partner. Karate is not only recovery from work, it is a way to avoid stress in my whole life.


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