Katherine Keith

Michigan, USA

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In 1966, Katherine began studying karate in Kalamazoo, Michigan, where her older brother, Bill Keith, was teaching karate at the Okinawan Karate School.  Bill dared her to take classes, doubting that his sister would do so. Never one to shy away from a challenge, Katherine tried it just to prove him wrong.  She immediately fell in love with this martial art and has kept at it, for 37 years and counting.  While at the dojo, Katherine met and married Ron Klein. Their marriage lasted 30 years and produced two amazing children.  She has extensive experience studying in dojos in Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, and Michigan, while also participating in numerous seminars in a variety of martial arts.  For the last 18 years, Katherine has practiced Okinawan karate and weapons with Sensei Jim Thompson in Kalamazoo, Michigan, while assisting and teaching self- defense seminars. In her work life, Katherine is a customer service representative for a medical supply company.

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Personal Information

Current Occupation or Profession

Customer Service Representative for a durable medical supply company

Marital Status


Children and Ages

Daughter-Age 27, Son-Age 25

Hobbies, Special Interests or Skills

Karate, weapons, family, attending theatre, travel

Age 56

Karate Information
Current Rank Yodan (By April 2004)
Total Years Of Study 38
Current Style Uechei-Ryu
Current Dojo Okinawan Karate Academy
Dojo Location Kalamazoo, MI
Current Instructor James Thompson
Association Affiliation Independent:  James Thompson

Karate Promotions


Certificate Number

Date of Issue

Location of Promotion




Kalamazoo , MI




Kalamazoo , MI




Kalamazoo , MI




Kalamazoo , MI


Educational Background


Kalamazoo Valley Community Collete


At what age did you begin to study karate? 
19 years old. 
Why did you choose to study karate? 
Because my brother dared me to!
Was there a reason why you chose to study Uechi Ryu? 
Because my brother dared me to!
What does this tour to Okinawa mean to you? 
This is the chance of a lifetime.
How has your martial arts study affected or changed you life?
It's become a central part of my life, and I love it.

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