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Sport has always played a very important role in Moni's life. As a child she was in a athletics sports club and running downhill ski races in the German Alps. She likes to cycle and swim a lot. After the birth of her two children she wanted to do something for her physical fitness.  That's how she started karate.  She soon found out that there is more than just sports but a big karate family that spans the world!


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Personal Information  

Current Occupation or Profession

Nurse, specialized in anesthesiology

Marital Status
Married, have two boys 9 and 10 years old
Hobbies, special interests or skills

karate, playing saxophone, diving, cooking, traveling to different countries, my 3 men!!!!

Age 39

Karate Information

Current Rank: 


Total years of study

7 years

Current style

Shohei Ryu

Current Dojo

Joachim Röttinger`s Dojo

Dojo location

Erlangen , Germany

Current Instructor

Joachim Röttinger, Alexander Hung

Association affiliation

Okikukai/Shohei Ryu

May 1997  Uechi ryu camp in Bad Kissingen (Mr.J.Thompson,J. Summers, J.Dowd, Mrs. P. Hess)

May /June 1998 Uechi ryu camp in Erlangen ( Mr. Nakahodo, J.Thompson, H.Yamashiro, Mrs. P. Hess 

October 1998 weekend camp with Igor Prasnikar in Erlangen

May /June 1999 Uechi ryu camp in Erlangen (Mr.J.Thompson, J. Summers, Mrs. P. Hess, Brian Diamond

 May /June 2001 Uechi ryu camp in Bad Kissingen (Mr.J.Thompson, J. Summers)

May /June 2002 Uechi ryu camp in Erlangen (Mr.J.Thompson, Mrs. P. Hess, Brian Diamond.

I joined the summer camps every year except 2000(broken thumb) and 2003 (no summer camp)

Two visits to P. Hess's dojo 1997 and 2003 for 3 weeks


Other Martial Arts or weapons Studies

2 Years of Judo

 Karate Promotions 


Certificate Number

Date of Issue

Location of Promotion





Educational Background  


Berufsfachschule für Krankenpflege Biberach

Examina for nursing 1985

Examina for anesthesiology 1990

Examina for nursing direction 1991

From 1991 to 1997 leader of the ICU nursing department at the University Clinic for Neurology in Erlangen


At what age did you begin to study karate?

Why did you choose to study karate?

For fitness of body and mind.  Because I liked the karate people.  For self-defense.

Was there a reason why you chose to study Uechi Ryu?
No special reason - it was just coincidence because it was the style in our local sports club.

What does this tour to Okinawa mean to you?
I love to travel and I'm very interested to see the roots of Uechi ryu.  I'm very happy to get a timeout from usual business and to meet other karate women.

How has your martial arts study affected or changed your life?
It changed my body experience and helped me develop self confidence (my husband thinks there is no more improvement possible)


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