The Women's Friendship Tour

is a 501(C)3 organization

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INDIVIDUAL  SPONSORSHIPS  - $1 to $50 donors


Donator Amount Dojo/Participant
Ann & Joe Thomas $50.00 Peggy Hess
Charlie Chen $50.00 Peggy Hess
Chiropractic S.E. Inc. $50.00 Donna Emschweiler
D.L. Valentine $50.00 Denise Laiosa
Denise Laiosa $50.00 Denise Laiosa
Don Uttenreither, PT $50.00 Peggy Hess
Donna Iafrate $50.00 Peggy Hess
Dr  Paul A. DeCesare $50.00 Karen Yuro
Frank Chavez $50.00 Peggy Hess
Gary & Linda Hamilton $50.00 Tonia Lagasse
Gary James $50.00 Peggy Hess
Gary Santaniello $50.00 Steve Banchick
George Mattson $50.00 Jackie Olsen/Dana Sheets
George & Jane Simpson $50.00 Peggy Hess
Hartford 4-H Trailblazers $50.00 Kimberly Vogt
Janean Crapo $50.00 Kathy Keith/Loretta Bryant
Linda D. McCabe $50.00 Dana Sheets/Heather Lipin
Marian Marion Bushey $50.00 Marion Bushey
Mary Chant $50.00 Peggy Hess
Michael Raspallo  $50.00 Karen Beck
Mrs. Pearl M. Merrill $50.00 Peggy Hess
Ottaviani Family $50.00 Peggy Hess
Patricia Beck $50.00 Karen Beck
Pawtucket Rotary $50.00 Rhode Island
Plastic Materials For Industry Inc. $50.00 Peggy Hess
Ralph & Betty Stolz $50.00 Peggy Hess
Robin L. Wendland $50.00 Loretta Bryant
Ronzio Pizza $50.00 Karen Yuro/Tonia Lagasse
South County Tai Chi Club $50.00 Sue-Ling Rekas
Steve Marsocci $50.00 Tonia Lagasse
Susan P. Wood $50.00 Denise Laiosa
The Turnbull Company $50.00 Peggy Hess
Van Canna $50.00 Jackie Olsen/Dana Sheets
Vincent & Louise Stratoti $50.00 Peggy Hess
Walter Bosch $50.00 Denise Laiosa
richard chander $41.00 Donna Emschweiler
Brendan Carey age 7yrs $40.00 Steve Banchick
Edward & Eileen Rafferty, III $40.00 Rhode Island
Lakeside Dental $40.00 Karen Yuro
Tania  Vieira...  11 yrs $40.00 Steve Banchick
Lisa & Allen Potter $35.00 Karen Yuro/Sue Ling Rekas
Andrew Dingman $30.00 Peggy Hess
Anthoney Sammarco.. age 6yrs $30.00 Steve Banchick
Ashley Westover age 10yrs $30.00 Steve Banchick
Constance Michaels $30.00 Peggy Hess
Derek Westover age 7 yrs $30.00 Steve Banchick
George & Mary Bonjokian $30.00 Donna Emschweiler
Mr. Manfred Schonauer           $30.00 Bärbel Döllinger
Valia Sammarco age 8yrs $30.00 Steve Banchick
Nicholas Oliver.  8 yrs $29.50 Steve Banchick
Al Michals $25.00 Peggy Hess
Albert & Jo Balogh $25.00 Peggy Hess
Charles & Elaine Marion Bushey $25.00 Marion Bushey
Cindy Maxwell $25.00 Peggy Hess
Denise Husband $25.00 Karen Beck
Dorothy Donna Emschweiler $25.00 Donna Emschweiler
Douglas & Bonney L. Meachum $25.00 Kimberly Vogt
George & Joanne Pope $25.00 Peggy Hess
Gordon K. Hare $25.00 Kimberly Vogt
Henry and Gwen Henry,JR $25.00 Peggy Hess
Jake Ryter {9 yrs old} $25.00 Steve Banchick
James G. Asack $25.00 Peggy Hess
John & Judith Nazzaro $25.00 Marion Bushey
Jordan Shih  $25.00 Peggy Hess
Judith Mahoney $25.00 Tonia Lagasse
Kent Stout/Sela Miller 10yrs $25.00 Steve Banchick
Lorraine A. Piver $25.00 Peggy Hess
Lucille J. Dumont $25.00 Maria Torosian
Lynda Bergeron $25.00 Peggy Hess
Malika skin care $25.00 Marion Bushey
Margaret & Vince Murray $25.00 Peggy Hess
Matthew Ryter {11 yrs. old} $25.00 Steve Banchick
Mike & Katie Newmann $25.00 Peggy Hess
Ronald & Barbara Kadish $25.00 Marion Bushey
Rosina Robinson $25.00 Marion Bushey
Sarah H. Miller/Sela Miller 10 yrs $25.00 Steve Banchick
Sharon Optic Inc../Sela Miller  $25.00 Steve Banchick
Sun Valley Community Day  $25.00 Steve Banchick
Thomas & Carol Kurey $25.00 Peggy Hess
Todd & Karen Newville/Sela Miller 10yrs $25.00 Steve Banchick
Tom Ditto $25.00 Denise Laiosa
TwM Systems   $25.00 Donna Emschweiler
Wendy Buchanan $25.00 Maria Torosian
Alexander Oliver  6rs $23.90 Steve Banchick
"Collection Can" $21.50 Maria Torosian
Albert & Deborah Degagne $20.00 Marion Bushey
Amy & Todd Hill $20.00 Theresa McClary
Christopher Olsen $20.00 Jackie Olsen
Dick Johnson Music Center $20.00 Donna Emschweiler
Easter & Angelito Santos $20.00 Donna Emschweiler
Elizabeth Settlers [5yrs old] $20.00 Steve Banchick
Emory L. Clapper $20.00 Kimberly Vogt
ernest yuille $20.00 Donna Emschweiler
James Settlers [7yrs.old] $20.00 Steve Banchick
Lisken Dus $20.00 Peggy Hess
Marie Gauldy $20.00 Peggy Hess
Mrs. Sabine Ender $20.00 Carola Lehmann
Nicole Finkbeiner $20.00 Michigan
Randolph Ellis $20.00 Donna Emschweiler
Todd & Karen Newville /Sela Miller.10yrs $20.00 Steve Banchick
William Borst $20.00 Kathy Keith
Jacqueline D. Linder $15.00 Karen Beck
Michael Ward $15.00 Jackie Olsen
Jasmine Garani 8yrs.old $13.35 Steve Banchick
Tara Garani 5 yrs. Old $12.10 Steve Banchick
Bette & John Martin $10.00 Donna Emschweiler
Linda & Mike McMahon $10.00 Peggy Hess
Nick Panasian $10.00 Maria Torosian
robert & marilyn legge $10.00 Donna Emschweiler
Dana Sheets $5.00 Dana Sheets
Henry & Janet Sevigny/Sela Miller 10 yrs  $5.00 Steve Banchick
Jacob Gibb [5 yrs. Old] $5.00 Steve Banchick
Sean Perry[5 yrs. old] $5.00 Steve Banchick
Zachary Gibb [7yrs. old]  $5.00 Steve Banchick
Makayla Yuro $1.00 Karen Yuro
Olivia Yuro $1.00 Karen Yuro

Sponsorship packages can be tailored to meet your personal or corporate needs. For example, a donation can be earmarked to underwrite the cost of specific categories such as awards, promotions, transportation, meals, hotels, a specific tour member, etc.

In addition, scholarship packages are available provide financial assistance to women from varied countries who would otherwise be unable to attend.  These countries include Canada, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Greece, Venezuela, Argentina, the Netherlands, Chile, England, Australia and even the U.S.


Per participant                         $5,000 U.S.     


It is with your financial assistance that a dream of forging international understanding, cultural diversity and the preservation of a traditional art can be realized.                                                                        


Contact: Women’s Friendship Tour ASSOCIATION, iNC

Marguerite Hess 

3576 N.E.Skyline Drive, 

Jensen Beach, Florida 34957  

(772) 334- 7731 

e-mail: peggyhess@womenskaratetour.org OR dphess@bellsouth.net   

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We are grateful to the many organizations and individuals who have already endorsed or provided support in the form of time, talent and financial contributions to this project.

 * The Women’s Friendship Tour is a 501(C)3 organization and is scheduled for April 12 –26, 2004

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Women’s Friendship Tour ASSOCIATION, iNC Marguerite Hess, 3576 N.E.Skyline Drive,  Jensen Beach, Florida 34957  Tel: (772) 334- 7731 

e-mail: peggyhess@womenskaratetour.org OR dphess@bellsouth.net   

Click here to see an up to date list of our sponsors